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Hulse Afghan hounds UK,
by Steve Tillotson 2014 PHOTO Hulse Afghan hounds

I always enjoy finds such as the above photograph because I get to learn something new. In this case about an breeder/exhibitor I haver never heard of before (Mr Mrs Hulse) who were active in the 1930's and were involved with some more well known breeders..

(Some bio snippets from Lyall Payne) - Nancy Hulse and her husband Cedric lived at Wootton, Isle of Wight, just off the south coast of England, - about halfway between Newport and Ryde. Cedric's father was a clothing manufacturer (and JP) in Derby and following his and his wife's death Cedric became the sole heir to the business fortunes. He died in 1979 and his wife Nancy (in this picture above) was living in the beautiful New Forest (Hampshire) when she died in 1973.

The photo above was taken at a show held in Newport, Isle Of Wight. We cant identify the three Afghan hounds in the photograph, but we do know the names of the Hulses Afghans that were entered at the show and how they got on, - The Hulses owned the folllowing Afghan hounds-


  • Almeida el Kabul 14/2/1935 Breeder Dr Betsy Porter (El Kabul)
  • Sunita Of Geufron 30/8/1932 Breeder Mrs E E Drinkwater (Geufron)

  • Karim 1936/07/23 (Timmy x Almeida el Kabul) Breeder Mr Cedric Hulse

  • Azura Tanyah 1934/04/13 (Westmill Ben Havid x Sunita Of Geufron) Breeder Mr Cedric Hulse
  • Rex 1934/04/13 (Westmill Ben Havid x Sunita Of Geufron) Breeder Mr Cedric Hulse
  • Timmy 1934/04/13 (Westmill Ben Havid x Sunita Of Geufron) Breeder Mr Cedric Hulse
  • Norindi 1934/04/13 (Westmill Ben Havid x Sunita Of Geufron) Breeder Mr Cedric Hulse

Photo from a show a year earlier


Karim who was placed in several "variety" classes from Puppy to Graduate (no classes for Afghan hounds were scheduled at the show so they entered in the variety clases). Hulses Karim, born 23/7/1936 was awarded 2nd place in the puppy class. Karim would have been 9 months old on the day of this show.

Almeida el Kabul and Sunita Of Geufron were also entered and got 2nd/3rd Special Brood Bitch.

Timmy was placed in Special Stud Dog class.

So we know that they had at least Karim, Almeida , Sunita and Timmy with them on the day.


Clearly the Hulses knew Dr Porter (El Kabul) and Mrs Drinkwater (Geufron) because they owned dogs from these kennels. It's more intersting (perhaps) to see where Hulse's limited breeding takes us --

Azura Tanyah, bred by the Hulses was eventually owned by Mr & Mrs A Bhanubandh ( Azura). Mrs A Bhanubandh owned the dog Chota Sahib and the bitch Madirekshana Of Geufron as her foundation.Chota Sahib was a sire of significance and was bred by Mrs E Carlton. So I think t would have been a good feather in the cap of the Hulse's to have such a well known owner/breeder purchase one of their Afghan hounds

Balarama of Chaman (Rastum Of Pushtikuh x Hulese Norindi) was owned by Molly Sharpe and bred by Mr A L Swain who owned Norindi, The pedigree below of Hulses Karim is reminiscent of Molly's early breedings so our guess is she acquired Balarama of Chaman for the bloodlines, although she did not develop from this line. Another hound from this litter - Tuclo Balkhash went to Mr S Rhodes of Tuclo (bit of trivia, the affix Tuclo is derived from the street name that the Rhodes lived in - TUdor CLOse) (source Bill Hall/Barbille, verbally to me, many years ago).

The Hulse's breeding doesn't figure in the pedigree history of the breed much beyond the dogs mentioned above, but it has been interesting to learn something about this small kennel and their involvement with other, more well known kennels.

We'll conclude this brief article with a pedigrees which contains all the breedings mentioned above

Pedigree of KARIM
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Timmy Ch Westmill Ben Havid Ch Asri Havid of Ghazni Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Roshni of Ghazni
Elsa of Ghazni Khan of Ghazni
Zarifa of Ghazni
Sunita of Geufron Lakki Marwat Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Ch Sirfreda Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Ch Alfreda
Almeida El Kabul Ch Shah Shuja of Geufron Omar of Geufron Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Mumti of Geufron
Zabana of Kaf Bm Ch Taj Mahip of Kaf
Serena Kymn Khan of Ghazni
Zarifa of Ghazni
Ch Sirfreda Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Ch Alfreda

Steve Tillotson, 2014

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