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(Mr T G Chamberlain)

(By Steve Tillotson with Lyall Payne,May 2017)

T G Chamberlain 1934 PHOTO ISTALIF Mr T G Chamberlain 1934

Trevor Goth Chamberlain was the owner of the Afghan hound kennel "Istalif". Istalif was a small kennel, but, as we shall discover in this article, his Afghan hounds were significant foundations in the estabishment of the breed in the UK and overseas..

Mr Chamberlain was baptised in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Hinckley, Leicestershire on 10 March 1904 and he died on 9 November 1972. Mr Chamberlain married in Bournemouth, England in 1930 in. He had two children (James and William Richard both born in Eastbourne. his adopted home town). Mr Chamberlain was a veteterinarian surgeon (M.R.C.V.S) and In 1938 he was appointed to the Government positon of Chief Veterinary Officer for Kenya (British Colonial Africa). He and his family emigrated to Kenya in 1938 to take up this British civil servant apointment. Mr Chamberlain was a superb athlete and sportsman and he played for the Eastbourne Rugby Club and also captained the team. Mr Chamberlain was honourary veterinary surgeon for his local canine club the Eastbourne and District Canine Society and also the East Sussex Hunt. He was a Helmsman at the Eastbourne Yachting club. . He was also an active member, and officer of the Eastbourne Diving and Swimming club. Press reports show that he was a frequent winner in the swimming races held by the Club, often competing against his Afghan hound co-owner and friend Mr T H Watt who's Kennel name was "Retaw Syab" (which is the name "Bayswater", (an area in West London), spelt backwards).

T G Chamberlain (front row, 4th from the left) PHOTO ISTALIF Mr T G Chamberlain Captain Eastbourne Rugby Team 1934

Mr Chamberlain appears to have been active in the breed for only a few years (c 1928-1932) , possibly due to time demands of his sporting interests, and later, his Government appointment in Kenya. His first Afghan hound was the important brood bitch Shireen Of Ghazni (Malik of Ghazni x Rani Of Ghazni), whelped 1st March 1925, bred by Mary Amps, ownership, transferred to Mr Chamberlain in August 1928

Malik Of Ghazni c 1925 PHOTO Malik Of Ghazni

Mr Chamberlain also owned the dogs Ch Ashna of Ghazni and littermate Asani Of Ghazni (Sirdar Of Ghazni x Shireen Of Ghazni), whelped 18th August 1929, bred by Mary Amps. For a period of time these two dogs were co-owned by Mr T H Watt, ownership was transferred to Mr Chamberlain in November 1931. (This litter also contained Asra Of Ghazni who was exported to the USA (to Zeppo Marx) and then transferred to Q A Shaw Mckean of Prides Hill Kennel.. Another famous hound from this litter was Ch Asman Of Ghazni who went to Daniel Cronin, Enriallic, Southern Ireland).

Ch Ashna of Ghazni 1931 PHOTOCh Ashna of Ghazni

Ashna, Asra, and Asman Of Ghazni (Sirdar Of Ghazni x Shireen Of Ghazni) PHOTO ASHNA, ASRA, ASMAN Of Ghazni

Although Mary Amps bred this litter, the litter was raised by Mr and Mrs E E Taylor who lived in Sutton Courtenay. Coincidentally, in 1929 Mr Chamberlain was living at 2 The Vineyard, Abingdon, a small village immediately adjacent to Sutton Courtenay. At this time (1929) Mr Chamberlain owned Shireen Of Ghazni (the dam of this litter). So it would appear that Mary Amps and Ms Chamberlain must have had an arrangement to use Shireen, and that Mary Amps outsourced the rearing of the litter to Mr Mrs E E Taylor.

Mr Taylor with pups from the
Asra/Ashna/Asani/Asman litter PHOTO Malik Of Ghazni

Mr Chamberlain bred only one litter - Sirdar Of Ghazni x Shireen Of Ghazni, whelped 7th April 1931. The litter produced 3 dogs and 5 bitches . Dogs - Rustum of Istalif (late Fairseat Ramsan), Rafiq Of Istalif, Ramata Of Istalif. Bitches - Rudarii Of Istalif , Roshni Of Istalif . Retas Of Istalif , Rasti Of Istalif . Ramata Of Istalif .

Ramata Of Istalif (left), Rasti Of Istalif (right) PHOTO Malik Of Ghazni

According to AHI DB Fairseat Ramsan's name was changed to Rustam of Istalif (BRS 9/33) and AHI find no registration for a "Rustam". however there was a "Rustum" as shown above, so most likely there is a typo in the KC records and Fairseat Ramsan most likely became our Rustum Of Istalif). Mr Chamberlain had been involved with Mary Amps and her Ghazni kennel from the early days, It appears that at one time (1932) Mary Amps owned Rustum of Istalif -

Mary Amps and Rustum Of Istalif Press Report 1932 Mary Amps and Rustum Of Istalif Press Report 1932

Ranai of Istalif was owned by Mrs Conn (Faizabad. UK) and was the dam of AM CH Garrymhor Pearie who was a foundation hound for the famous Arthea (USA) kennel. Ranai was also the dam of AM CH Garrymhor Zabardast Of Arken who was a foundation hound for the famous Arken (USA) kennel. Zaberdast was the sire of AM CH Rajah Of Arken who held the record of three consecurive National Speciality wins for over 60 years. Thus, Ranai of Istalif had a huge impact upon the foundations of the breed in the USA. PHOTO Garrymhor Zabardast Of Arken PHOTO Rajah  Of Arken pedigree Rajah  Of Arken

The most well known of the Istalifs was the bitch Rasti Of Istalif who became the property of Helen Semple (Pushtikuh, UK) in 1935, On 28 June 1935 Rasti produced a litter sired by Westmill Fasano And Tetrarch Of Cheltside (in those early days it was not uncommon for a bitch to be mated with two different stud dogs). The litter produced one bitch Manda Of Chaman (Late Keshang Of Pushtikuh) and 5 dogs - Mirza Of Pushtikuh, Rahmin Of Pushtikuh , Rastum Of Pushtikuh ,Shahin Of Pushtikuh, Siahghavih Of Pushtikuh. Margaret Niblock in her book (page 131) wrote of Rasti - "The greatest asset in Miss Semple's kennel was the bitch Rasti Of Istalif, the last hound to bear only the Ghazni prefix bred by Mr T G Chamberlain (snip/continues).- Rasti was probably the best bitch sired by Ch Sirdar of Ghazni, possessing his friendly and fearless temperament. Perfectly balanced, she had a deep saddle and bare pasterns and well feathered legs. Although small, like her sire, Rasti become one of the most famous pre-war broods. Inbred to Ch Sirdar of Ghazni, she produced Tash Garift Of Pushtikuh sire of Ch Vendas Tash Down and Mrs Polson's elegant black and tan bitch Tullah of Pushtikuh, the dam of an equally influential brood, Golden Ranee."

Some Rasti Of Istalif offspring -
Tribesman Of Pushtikuh, Tash-Garift of Pushtikuh, Tullah Of Pushtikuh Offspring of Rasti Of Istalif

Morita (Firdausi Of Geufron x Safiya) a bitch bred by Edna Carlton UK was exported in whelp by Tash Garift Of Pushtikuh (Sirdar Of Ghazni x Rasti Of Istalif ) to Olive and James MacDougal (Kandahar) in Australia.The Kandahar kennel was the foundation of the breed in Australia.

Morita (Firdausi Of Geufron x Safiya) PHOTO Morita

Manda Of Chaman (Late Keshang Of Pushtikuh) was exported to Mary Matchett (El Myia, Canada) as a foundation bitch to her kennel. Manda's daughter Pic Of Chaman (Garrymhor Faiz Bu Hassid x Manda Of Chaman) was later also exported to Mary Matchett. Manda also produced AM CH Kurram El Myia who went as a foundation hound to Mr & Mrs Frank Wiethoff's Kerrin Kennel (USA). We note that Ashna Of Ghazni owned by Mr Chamberlain and is behind Molly Sharpes (Chaman) foundation dog Garrymhor Faiz-Bu-Hassid on the sire side of the pedigree and Rasti of Istalif is behind Manda Of Chaman on the dams side of the pedigree. Another example of the importance of the Istalif hounds.

Pic Of Chaman ISTALIF - Manda Of Chaman photo pedigree

Mr Chamberlain's small kennel helped extend the Ghazni bloodlines a few generations and also contributed to the bloodlines that the wartime breeders such as Helen Semple (Pushtikuh), Molly Sharpe (Chaman), Mrs Rhodes (Tuclo) were able to breed from during this difficult period.. Further, the kennel contributed foundation bloodlines for the breed in Europe, Australia, Canada and America. A pretty impressive achievement considering the small size of the kennel and the relatively short time that it was active.

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