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Kingway Kennels (USA)
Lilian Goodman Our Afghans 2005
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On July 5, 1945, Ch Laineux Co-Pilot and Ch. Laila Of Kingway had a two puppy litter; Kondhje of Kingway, a dark red bitch (#A920125) and Mustafa Al-Kadi Of Kingway, a cream dog (#A920126)

Mustafa Al-Kadi Of Kingway
Afghan Hound Timephoto  Mustafa Al-Kadi Of Kingways

Around this time she acquired littermates Zabarzad of Kingway, a red dog whelped 9/3/44 (#A929803) and Sharadast of Kingway, a red bitch (#A938780) which later went to Ruth B Dekker. They were out of Ch Garrymhor Zabardast Of Arken (import from UK) ex Sharazad of Kingway, bred at the Langleigh Kennels.

On April 14, 1945, Buddah Of Arken ex Ch Jamilia of Kingway produced two black and tan bitches. Sushila of Kingway (#A976060) and Karamana of Kingway (#AH25123) followed by an April 20, 1945 litter out of Khadee of Kingway ex Ch Uly Hazrat Of Kingway. Just one puppy - a cream dog Tazi Hazrat of Kingway (#A997795).

Finally on April 17, 1946 Zenophon Of Elcoza ex Ch Uly Hazrat of Kingway had the last registered litter from this kennel, consiting of three bitches, Hanifa Of Kingway, cream with black mastk (#AH24843); Iyunah of Kingway, red (#AH24844) and Mouhna Of Kingway, a black masked red (#AH24842)

Mrs Porter also acquired after the end of WWII imports (UK) Patrols Ali-Shah (*********see Ed note below) , and Dossilda Of Kushka bred by Mrs E Wood in England. She bred him to her Ch Laila of Kingway (sorry date is illegible) (ED - date is 5/3/47) with only one bitch registered, Zandi a black and tan (#AH47295) owned by Ray Halcomb. (Ed note, also in this litter Shireen of Kashmir and Mohammed Ullah Bey Of Kingway, pedigree below) Ed note, Dossilda was first owned in the UK by Mrs Wood (Westmill Afghan Hounds), Dossilda was bred by Mr & Mrs H Winterbottom (Kushka UK) Dossida's final owner ws Mrs C T Bolland (Tolrua UK) who presumably was responsible for the expert from the UK to the USA.

Possibly more confusion here over the name of the Patrols dog mentioned by Ms Goodman above. Mrs wood (Of Westmill Afghan Hounds UK) bred Patrols Ali-Shah-Bey, he was exported to the USA and owned by Mrs M Langfield (USA)

Ravelly and Patrols are two different UK kennels (Ravelly was Reg Floyyd, and Patrols was Mrs R Y Harrison-Yates). Often they named a dog xxxxx and in a subseqent breeding named another dog Ali-xxxxx-Bey. Its the existance or non existance of "Ali" or "Bey" in the name that frequently causes confusion over the correct names of the Ravelly Patrols breedings). So there is in this case a Patrols Ali-Shah-Bey AND a Ravelly Patrols Ali Shah. We need to be careful in distinguishing between them

To resolve any confusion from the above it was Patrols Ali-Shah-Bey, bred by Mrs Woods on 15/9/1945, first owned by Mrs R Y Harrison-Yates and then exported to the USA we are talking about in this article

A picture tells a thousand stories, here's the pedigree that hopefully will help with the naming confusions -

Pedigree of Zandi, Shireen of Kashmir, and Mohammed Ullah Bey Of Kingweay born 5/3/47
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Patrols Ali Shah Bey Ravelly Patrols Ali Shah Turkuman Dammar Pinetree Ch Westmill Bayezid Ansari
Ghawazi of Enriallic
Patrols Creme Chenille (late Lotus Closmidi) Ch Int Garrymhor Faiz-Bu-Hassid
Juanita of Chaman
Dossilda of Kushka Tessilda of Enriallic Ir Ch Asman of Ghazni
Ch Int Zandi of Enriallic
Yezdi of Valdorern Turkuman Pomegranate
Peri Zade of Valdorern
Laila of Kingway Am Ch Niliyo of Prides Hill Ch Int Ch Badshah of Ainsdart Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Ku-Mari of Kaf Bm
Am Ch Asra of Ghazni Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Shireen of Ghazni
Suriyeh of Pride Hill Westmill Omar Danenda of Ghazni
Surkh of Ghazni
Am Ch Asra of Ghazni Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Shireen of Ghazni

Lillian Boardmans wonderful article ends at this point with the above breeding, but the Kingway story continues a little longer, go to next page ..

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