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Mrs V Marriott, and her Afghan Hound
Lakki Marwat (and others) 1920's

(by Steve Tillotson December 2017)


Mrs V Marriott (nee Valerie Maria Hoch) was born in 1887 in Glamorgan, Wales and was a Midwife who gained her certification on Aug 11 1917 when she was living in Norwich, Norfolk, England . She married Robert Ecklin Marriott in Sheringham Norfolk, England in the spring of 1919. Robert was a Civil Engineer and a member of the Institute Of Civil Engineers, employed as Sub district officer OUDH at Rohilkand State Railway, Lucknow, India and lived at Couper Road, Lucknow India as of 3rd March 1913. After they married, they appear to have lived at Sheringham, Norfolk, England for a few years. Sheringham was the home of Robert's father. Valerie and Robert travelled to India a few times (1923,1926,1931). It is believed that they acquired the Afghan hound dog Lakki Marwat during their 1923 visit to India.

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