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Moroo 1883 Imported by Major Mackenzie
( Article by Steve Tillotson 2001)

Early Afghan Hounds -  Moroo

Moroo was born in 1883 and was imported by Major Mackenzie and owned by Mr, Mrs Whitbread. Moroo reportedly came from Balkh in Afghanistan as did another import (Shahzada) owned by the Whitbreads and mentioned in the early timeline pages. Both were presented by Mrs Whitbread to the British Museum upon their death where they were preserved and put on display in 1903 and both can still be viewed today..

1/24/2012 - We have recently obtained another photo of Shahzada and Moroo, taken at the British Museum by Murray Anderson (NZ - The "Travelling Tazi"). This photo is taken from a different (front) angle so gives a new view of these two hounds.

Afghan Hound Times photo - Shahzada and Moroo

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