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Motee (circa 1882)


We don't have any photo's or illustrations of Motee and the earliest reference we find of her is in the 1884 edition of the Kennel Club Stud Book and Calender where she is listed as being shown at the KC show held at the Crystal Palace London, where she gained a 2nd place in the foreign dog class. Breeder and pedigree listed as unknown, but the Stud Book states she was imported from Afghanistan. She was first owned by the presumed importer Mr R H Tufnell, 30th Regiment MNI. In 1885 we find Motee again listed in the Kennel Club Stud Book (1885) with a note stating "Now Mr W K Taunton's". Mr Taunton was extensively involved in the importation of exotic/foreign dogs including the Equimax Dog, Lapland Bearhound, Hairless Mexican, Norwegian sheep dog Chow Chows (Chinese Edible Dog) and of course Afghan hounds which were referred to as Afghan Greyhounds or Persian Greyhounds in those days

Mr Taunton had previously imported another dog from Afghanistan - Khelat, but it looked nothing like an Afghan hound. Hubbard in his book states that Mr Taunton did also have genuine Afghan hounds and that he showed a nice bitch at Brisol in 1886. We therefore are inclined to believe that Motee most likely was an Afghan Hound, but in the absence of a photograph we can't really be sure.

Mr Tufnell, Motee's owner owned another Afghan/Persian hound he had imported from Afghanistan - the dog Roostam. He mated Roostam with Motee and we have a photo of a dog (Rajah II) from that litter -

Rajah II (Roostam x Motee) Whelped December 1883
Breeder T R Tufnell, Owner Mr F Carter

W. D. Drury in his book "British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, And Show Preparation" published in 1903 provides a description of Rajah II - " Mr. Carter, of Carshalton, had one specimen that was frequently benched - Rajah II. by name; while another was Motee, owned by Mr. Tufnell. Rajah II. was a very active dog, and lived to a good old age. He was a fawn, merging into red on the back. His coat was abundant, but fine in texture; while the dog was feathered on flank, breast, tail, and legs".

Mr Tufnell exhibited Motee, Roostam and Rajah II. Below are a couple of pages from the KC Stud Book and Calender showing details of Motee and Roostam entries at shows in 1885 and 1886. We note that the owner of both Motee and Roostam is listed in the stud book as Mr Taunton, so apparrently both hounds eventually became the property of Mr Taunton? -


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