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GCH Thaon's Mowgli

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Mowgli BOB Photo Natl Spec 2010

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1. Judges Critique 2012 AHCA National Specialty
In awarding Mowgli BOB at the 2012 AHCA National Specialty, Judge Mrs H W Stein wrote -

"Best of Breed I looked for the qualities outlined in our breed standard. Clearly an aristocrat, his whole appearance one of dignity and aloofness. A beautiful head with beautiful chiseling on his strong muzzle and the exotic expression that IS The Afghan Hound. He has the features that make our breed so distinctive
  • A long silky topknot
  • A long, low set tail with ring or curve at the end
  • An exotic or Eastern expression.
    A peculiar coat pattern with
    fabulous silky texture and a glossy saddle
  • Prominent hipbones
  • Large feet
  • A square appearance

He is a wonderful athletic dog, presented in hard, sound physical condition, a dog of proper size and with sound, powerful, effortless movement. He has a strong topline that is level when he is standing, and level when he is moving. He moves with head and tail high and knows that he is the King of Dogs."
Mrs H W Stein

2. AHT Comments

Mowgli is now the top National Specialty winning Afghan in USA history. Thaon Reg. also holds the record for most Nationals won by an individual kennel with six wins. Mowgli has won the BOB at the National Speciality four years running (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012). Mowgli is Top Afghan Hound all systems for three years running (2010, 2011, 2012). Mowgli also achieved #3 in the "Hound Group", all systems, during 2012.

Mowgli BOB Westminster 2011
video of Afghan Hounds below

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