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Afghan Hound Times photo - Shabra owned by Margaret L Nison
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(Margaret L Nison Kennels
Santa Fe, New Mexico)
(Lilian Goodman 1978, Our Afghans, July 2009)
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Ms Goodman writes - From litter registrations, it appears that Ms Nison also later on acquired Zahera of Prides Hill, and apparently Ms Nison had a close relationship with Q A Shaw Mckean, as they are listed as co-breeders of her first litter whelped 6/22/1936 out of Badshah and Zahera. This litter consisted (later on) of Ch Harisun CD, a black bitch with white markings registered as A146749. Ch Farida Of Walgrove (A2511441) a fawn bitch that went to the Arthur L Shakmans. Shaitan Of Badar, a black and tan dog (A128151) which went to Dr Eugene Beck. Ch Tahidi of Arthea, a cream bitch which went to a Dr and Mrs. Arthur W Combs; and Ku Mari Khyaam Of Arken a black masked red bitch that went to Charles Wiernsman.

Ms Goodman mentions above that Ms Nison apparently acquired Zahera Of Prides Hill. The question is "when". We don't have a definitive date but we do have some breeding records to help narrow this down -

-First three Zahera litters bred by Q A Shaw Mckean
-Fourth Zahera litter 1936/6/22 Farida Of Walgrove first Zahera litter with breeder shown as Nison
-Fifth Zahera litter Dharma Of Arthea 1938/02/22, Breeder (owner?) Dr and Mrs. Combs
-Sixth Zahera litter 1938/11/01 Arthea, bred by Nison
-Seventh Zahera litter 1939/08/08 Combs
-Eighth Zahera litter 1941/03/28 Combs

From the above it appears that Ms Nison either owned or had leased Zahera from mid 1936 and that by the end of 1938 Zahera was permanently installed at the Arthea kennels where she produced two more litters

A second question of timing is when did Ms Nison move from Connecticut to Santa Fe, New Mexico? We are going to suggest late 1938 or early 1939. Our reasoning for this date is that Ms Nison bred a litter whelped 1939/07/31 sired by Tufan Of Ainsdart ex Ms Nison's bitch Shabra. Tufan was owned by the Misses White at Kandahar located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Ms Nison's breeding activities from 1939 seem to revolve around Afghan Hounds and breeders on the South Western side of the USA. On 1937/08/01 a litter whelped bred by Ms Nison, sired by Tufan Of Ainsdart out of Ms Nison's bitch Shabra. The litter included the dog Yusseff , a big winner and a top producer. Yusseff went to Mrs. Froelich of the Elcoza Kennel located in Reading, Pennsylvania. Yusseff produced offspring that went to the following early kennels - Elcoza, Pepscott, El Amir Jebel, Brickley's, Laineux, Blackberry Hill, Donaldheim, Awewa, Rolyat, Rozeclyde

Also in the same litter was Flo Flo Of Ghazni, originally sold to Mr. John B Prosser who later returned Flo Flo to Ms Nison. Flo Flo was later transferred to Mrs. Howard of Jaba kennels who used her in the Jaba breeding program.

Ms Nison bred a litter from Flo Flo sired by Mrs. Froelich's import from England - Sardar Khan el Kabul which whelped 1942/03/05. This litter produced a spectacular five champions out of the litter of six - of which Ms Nison kept two - Beharah Malki Of Ghazni AKC A605655 (Fawn Black mask bitch) and Herotah Of Ghazni AKC A605654 (Red Black Mask dog), The other four were - Kandar Of Riverside AKC A605652 (Cream dog), Kandra Of Riverside AKC A605656 (Brindle Black mask bitch), Kardar Of Riverside AKC A605653 (Brindle Black mask dog), Kyndar Of Riverside AKC A605651 (Brindle Black mask dog) all owned by Hilda Knudsen (Riverside). Kandar Of Riverside was later transferred into the ownership of Mrs. Ethel Robinson. Ms Nison registered as breeder in all cases.

Mrs Kench-Owen, stepdaughter of Chris Knudsen (Riverside) wrote years later "At this time I really wanted to hve a litter of Afghan puppies but I didn't want to breed the bitch because she had 13 points. Margaret Nison was at Westminster that year (1935) and she said that she had a bitch that was due to whelp and I could raise the litter if I wanted. Margaret had just moved in to the City from the country as she worked for the census bureau and was quite important as she read five languages including Egyptian. Anyway, her bitch Flo Flo Of Ghazni, was in whelp to Ch Sardar Khan El Kabul, one of the dogs that Laura had imported. I had seen one of the puppies from a litter of similar breeding and I felt that I couldn't do much better so I was more than willing to make a deal with Margaret so that we could each have part of the litter. Another reason I wanted to give her back some of the puppies was that you culdn't sell or give away these Afghan pups as nobody really wanted them. Out of this litter were five living puppies and all five finished. Two under Margaret's kennel name ofA Ghazni and the others under our kennel name of Riverside. But it has never been important to me what name a dog carries, if its a good dog, it is a good dog."

Afghan Hound Times photo - Yusseff
Flo Flo Of Ghazni

Afghan Hound Times photo - Flo Flo Of Ghazni (US)

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Am Ch Tufan of Ainsdart Ch Sirdar of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded  
Parent Not Recorded  
Ku-Mari of Kaf Bm Ch Taj Mahip of Kaf Bm Khym Bm
Daghai Bm
Sonee Bm Ooty Bm
Ch Ranee Bm
Am Ch Shabra Ch Int Ch Badshah of Ainsdart Ch Sirdar of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Ku-Mari of Kaf Bm Ch Taj Mahip of Kaf Bm
Sonee Bm
Zahera of Prides Hill Westmill Omar Danenda of Ghazni
Surkh of Ghazni
Am Ch Asra of Ghazni Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Shireen of Ghazni

A dog from this Flo Flo litter - Kandar Of Riverside, owned by Mrs. Ethel Robinson, went on to sire a litter ex Bey Bombay Of Five Mile who was owned by Reigh and Dewey Abram (Dureigh).

Kandar Of Riverside

Afghan Hound Times photo Kandar of Riverside

The Abram's mated their Kandar Of Riverside/Bey Bombay daughter (Dureigh's Dey Abrama) to Turkuman Tar Of Grandeur which produced one of the most important dogs for the Dureigh kennels - Am Ch Dureigh's Dark Victory. The list of offspring from Dark Victory reads like a "who's who" of Dureigh stars, and includes - Dureigh's Golden Harvest, Dureigh's How 'Bowt Dat, Dureigh's Shady Lady of Hillbanks, Eljac's Dragon Lady Of Dureigh - All grandchildren of Kandar Of Riverside, bred by Ms Nison.

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Am Ch Turkuman Tar of Grandeur Am Ch Turkuman Nissim's Laurel Chota Nissim of Ringbank Turkuman Pomegranate
Turkuman Night-Flowering Cactus
Ch Netheroyd Turkuman Camelthorn Turkuman Pomegranate
Golden Ranee
Tahtara of Grandeur Duke Alfrieda of Cyann Omar of Fortworth
Far Away Loo Shaitan Bedar
Am Ch Dureigh's Det Or Dey Abrama Am Ch Kandar of Riverside Am Ch Sardar Khan El Kabul Rama El Kabul
Mem Sahib El Kabul (late Hephzibah)
Flo Flo of Ghazni Us Am Ch Tufan of Ainsdart
Am Ch Shabra
Am Ch Bey Bombay of Five Mile Am Ch Rudiki of Prides Hill Ch Int Ch Badshah of Ainsdart
Am Ch Shireen of Prides Hill
Shireen of Ainsdart Ch Int Ch Badshah of Ainsdart
Am Ch Shireen of Prides Hill

We highlighted the lineage Kandar-Flo Flo-Shabra in white in the above pedigree

Ms Nison appears in the records as co-breeder of two litters whelped by Dr and Mrs. Arthur W Combs, both out of Badshah Of Ainsdart ex Zahera Of Prides Hill. The first litter of 8 whelped 2/22/1938 and produced the following - Allasir El Din, (AKC A337786,Cream dog), Dharma Of Arthea, (AKC A280690,Black bitch), Jado Khan, (AKC A262478,Cream dog), Kaimaakan Of Arthea, (AKC A272119,Cream bitch), Kerrin Fachamo, (AKC A256909, brown dog), Nassarah Of Arthea, (AKC A272120 Cream bitch), Panchama of Arthea, (AKC A280691 Black dog), Sita Devi, (AKC A312150 Red Black mask bitch). Ms Nison acquired Jado Khan, Sita Devi and Allasir El Din.

Kerrin Fachamo a dog from the first litter went to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wiethoff (Kerrin). Fachamo sired 6 litters at Kerrin (five litters with two different Kuhsan bitches, and the sixth litter out of an El Myia bitch).Fachamo was a most important dog in the Kerrin kennel breeding program.

Kerrin Fachamo

Afghan Hound Times photo - Kerrin Fachamo

The second litter of 7 whelped 11/1/1938 and produced - Maharaja Of Arthea (AKC A299150, cream dog) Marhaba Of Arthea ,(AKC A299149 ,Gold bitch), Mashallah Of Arthea,(AKC A299151 ,Cream dog), Nubia Of Arthea ,AKC (A299148 ,Gold bitch), Ramayana Of Arthea, AKC (A299153 ,Cream dog), Salima Of Arthea, AKC (A299147 ,Cream bitch), Sardar Of Arthea, AKC (A299152 ,Cream dog).

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