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ANNOUNCEMENT 24th January 2014

I (Steve T) have received an update on Ruth/OA from Audie Emery, Ruth's long time friend and contributer which I post below -

"Dear friends of Ruth Weddle and/or subscribers past and present to "Our Afghans",

Ruth has asked me to catch you up on recent events pertaining to herself; "Our Afghans" and her email address. Some of you, of course, are aware of what has been happening and others not. However, even if you are aware of current circumstances I would like to let you know she is very much alive, kicking and FINALLY back on line {no thanks to WebTV; msn; outlook.com and Logitech et al and the ensuing loss of her email contacts list!} Thank goodness she has a smart son living with her who knows one end of an HDMI cable from the other, otherwise they would still be incommunicado!

Ruth's email address is, and will continue to be, oaruth@webtv.net

Her snail mail address, for those who prefer to use pen and paper, is:


Her Telephone number is: NOTE: (I (Steve T) redacted Ruth's telephone number from Audie's email, I wasn't comfortable posting it on Facebook and other public forums. Anybody that requires Ruth's telephone number kindly email me at info@afghanhoundtimes.com and I'll be pleased to provide you with the Telephone number)

Sadly, the December 2013 vol. 45 #12 issue of "Our Afghans" is the last. Some of you have not received it yet, however it is in the mail. Treasure it..... this is the last, after 45 years of monthly production.

The decision to close the doors did not come lightly. However, at 89 on a fixed income, with a disabled son and a cancer stricken daughter and fewer and fewer subscribers, Ruth felt it was time to hang up her editing pen and concentrate on her much loved family and friends.

She is determined to issue rebates to anyone who signed up beyond the December issue. However, a lot of us have told her to keep the money, kick up her heels and enjoy life to the fullest with the extra dollars.!

Over 45 years, Ruth has made some wonderful longtime friends with this magazine. In her own inimitable words at the end of the December editorial: ..."So, lets stay friends, remain in touch and hope that all our animal friends will be able to stay with us as long as we all stick around."

So, lets do what she asks; keep the email; snail mail and telephone calls going; give her a peek or two into our own lives and those of our beloved Afghan Hounds; send pictures, cartoons and things to keep her cheery; and wish her health, happiness and wealth for many years to come.


Audie Emery
Oranjestar Afghans

PS from Steve (Afghan Hound Times/OA). I have maintained an Our Afghans web presence for Ruth for many years and with her agreement have been posting OA articles on the OA webpages.. I will continue to post OA articles on the OA webpages. Whilst OA magazine is no more, Ruth's rich legacy will be maintained via the AHT/Our Afghans web pagesa>

Steve T
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