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National Speciality Winners
(Steve Tillotson Our Afghans, November 1998)
(With a few updates/additions, December 2011)

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Things moved on. There was no Specialty in 1945 due to US Goverment war restrictions on travel, and this period is perhaps a landmark. The BOB winners 1940 to 1944 were largely of the Prides Hill era. Ch Karach Of Khanhasset was sired by Ch Ali Khyber. This pedigree on the dam's side includes the Afghanistan import (import to the UK) lines of Ardmor Anthony. So now the output of early US blending of bloodlines begins to emerge. Karach was BOB in 1946 and 1947 and littermate Karan of K went BOB in 1948. So whilst an individual Khanhasset hound didn't manage to equal Ch Rajah Of Arken's hat-trick record, the Khanhasset kennel came very close - they won the BOB three years, and in the third year their winner was a littermate to their winner of the previous two years. The winner in the second Specialty of 1948 Ch Majara Mahabat was out of Karach, perhaps a reflection of the preference for a new type?. An outsider, the UK import Ch Turkuman Nissim's Laurel won in 1950. Laurel went on to become a pivotal part of the Grandeur breeding program. Ch Karli Ben Ghazi won iin 1952 and 1955. The sire's side of the pedigree being largely of Five Mile breeding, while the dam's side contained lines to imported (UK) Chaman stock. The 1953 and 1956 BOB were sired by Ch Majara Mahabat, continuing the success and influence of these lines.

As we move through the mid and late 1950's there is another sea change. Ch Taejon Of Crown Crest slightly bucked the trend as his pedigree was strong on the pre-war lines, but also contained Ali khyber and significantly, Tufan Of Ainsdart. Thereafter we enter the famous Grandeur and Crown Crest era which these two famous kennels dominated. Kay Finch (Crown Crest) imported Ophaal Of Van de Oranje Menege (VDOM) from Eta Pauptit in Holland and incorporated these lines into her US bred foundations. This new type/line produced amongst others Ch Crown Crest Zardonx 1957 National BOB winner and Ch Crown Crest Mr Universe the 1960 National BOB winner. The Crown Crest lines combined the Dutch lines with the US imported lines behind Felts Thief Of Baghdad which enabled Kay Finch to develop her type. So a decade or so after the first National the USA the breed in the USA had achieved some striking developments which set the tone for future decades.

In the next decade the winners largely evolved from the aforementioned lines produced in the mid-late 50's. Akaba and Holy Hill emerged and became very successful and influential winning the National BOB in 1961/62 rerspectively. By the end of the decade the Coastwind kennel had become well established and their famous stud dog Ch Coastwind Gazebo won BOB in 1969. Gazebo was sired by Akaba's Allah Kazam, and is an interesting pedigree involving a strong blend of Crown Crest and Grandeur lines.

The 1970's kicked off with a completely different bloodline as BOB winner with Ch Shangrila Pharahna Phaedra, whose pedigree combined the Dutch Vdom lines of Crown Crest with the Swedish lines of Tanjores via the Swedveikas Joh-Cyn breeding.Returning to Holly Hill for a moment, we need to be aware of the breeding development within this kennel. In the early days Holly Hill blended the German import lines of Djadji Von Falkenwaide with Shirkhans (Grandeur) and other established US lines are are behind a number of BOB winners, Later though, as for example with 1972's Ch Ammon Hall Ter-Caj of Tajmir, sired by Ch Holly Hill Sultan, the breeding involved a blending of German lines with Wally Pede's imported UK Scheherezade lines. The next year, 1973, Ch Holly Hill Black Magic was a return to the Holly Hill US/German sire lines and produced Ch Panjhet of Satormhill. Interesting how this one kennel contributed so much and with their different interplay of bloodlines,

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