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Afghan Hound Racing, since 1931
By Steve Tillotson 2014

Above is a very special photo of Am Ch Tufan Of Ainsdart, taken in England in his racing gear in 1931 with his owner Mr G H Stones. What makes this photo so special is that likely its not been seen by enthusiasts for over 80 years, its a rare photo of Tufan, its the first photo uncovered of Mr G H Stones, and it is the earliest record we hve of Afghan hound racing. We think this photo is the only full body shot that exists. Tufan ws 17 months old when this photo was taken

Enthusiasts will be familiar with the name Tufan of Ainsdart, and his litter brother Badshah Of Ainsdart. Both hounds were exported from England to the USA. Tufan went south west to New Mexico and the kennels of thje White sisters at Kandahar kennels, and Badshah went east to Connecticut to Q A Shaw Mckeans Prides Kennel

Prior to the discovery of the above photograph, the earliest record we had of Afghan hound racing in England was one from the Molly Sharpe (Chaman) section dated 1938

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