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Rudiwin Afghan Hound Kennel USA
By Steve Tillotson, 2013, 2018

This article is about Mrs Leo Conroy and her Rudiwin Afghan Hound Kennel. WHO? I might hear some ask. As is often the case, behind a great dog is .... a lesser known kennel.... which barely gets a mention. So, it's time to give honours where they are due, in this case, to Mrs Leo Conroy and her Rudiwin Afghan Hounds

Update January 2018
The following segment is a newspaper archive entitled
"Afghans Ancestry is Traced To Ancient Egypt"
Authored by Pat Hurst of the Muncie (Indiana) Evening Press,
and published on 2nd September 1953 -

Chakeeta of Rudiwin And Puppies
(Litter whelped 12 July 1953 - Swamp Fire of Barukara x Chakeeta of Rudiwin)
Breeder of litter - Clifford & Joan Mathys (Syhtam)

All the mystery and wonder of ancient Egypt is woven into the ancestry of the dogs picture in this week's column. Chakeeta of Rudiwin and some of her puppies, owned by Mr and Mrs Clifford Mathys (pronounced maw tees) of 125 Glenwood Ave, belong to the ancient breed known as Afghan Hounds

Mr and Mrs Mathys became interested in the Afghan Hound a few years ago when they purchased Chakeeta from Mrs Leo Conroy (Rudiwn) of Decautur Illinois. Chakeeta is pure white, a colour rare among Afghans. Mrs Conroy also bred Ch Elcoza's Ponder, Chakeeta's sire, and the sire of Ch Taejon Of Crown Crest, outstanding dog in the Hound Group for 1952. One of the most outstanding Afghans was Int Ch Rudiki Of Prides Hill, who at one time sold for USD 25,000

Sire of the puppies is Swamp Fire of Barukara, bred by Mr and Mrs Preston H Lowrey of Ft Smith, Arkansas. "Smokey is an apricot and smoke brindle. He has acquired several points towards his championship.

These dogs are highly individual both in personality and colouring. Their colours range from a rare white through cream, fawn, gray, blue, black, brindle, red apricot and gold. Chakeeta's puppies are white, cream, red, brindle and apricot. Mr and Mrs Mathys will be glad to show them to you if you would be interested in seeing these unusual dogs for yourself.

At the top of this page is a photo of Am Ch Chazar Of Rudiwin taken in 1953. Chazar whelped on 30/1/1952 (Elcoza's Ponder x Al-Kahira's Reeta Khan) , registered as a "Red" bitch, but later in 1953 is described as "apricot, black mask and ear trimmings". Mrs Conroy owned Chazar's sire - Elcoza's Ponder. The Dam was owned by Mr and Mrs George Strom of Shamask Afghan Hounds.

This was not the first litter bred by Mrs Conroy but it was the first to carry her Rudiwin affix.. In fact this litter was co-bred with Buna J Wyse about who we know virtually nothing abaout at this time and who does not appear to have bred or co-bred any other litters.

The pedigree below also reveals something about Mrs Froelich's Elcoza Kennels. Mrs Froelich built her breeding program around Yusseff who was a son of Badshah's imported litter brother Tufan Of Ainsdart. Mrs Froelich owned Yusseff and also owned the English imports Rani El Kabul and Sardar Khan El Kabul and she bred for about ten years throughout the 1940's, Elcoza's Ponder, owned by Mrs Conroy was from the last Elcoza litter bred.

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Am Ch Elcoza's Ponder Am Ch Yusseff C.D. Am Ch Tufan of Ainsdart Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Ku-Mari of Kaf
Am Ch Shabra Uk Am Int Ch Badshah of Ainsdart
Zahera of Prides Hill
Kenya of Westgham Ali Zhyber of Elcoza Am Ch Ali Khyber
Am Ch Zannette of Elcoza
Laineux Coming Event Am Ch Yusseff Cd
Natasha of Allsworth
Al Kahira's Reeta Khan Am Ch Al Kahira's Ibn Saud Am Ch Rudiki of Prides Hill Uk Am Int Ch Badshah of Ainsdart
Am Ch Shireen of Prides Hill
Taj Anina of Chaman Ch Taj Aleh of Chaman
Taj Anouk of Chaman
Leah of Al Kahira Am Ch El Mio Zabu of Five Mile Am Ch Rana of Chaman of Royal Irish
Reza Hypar of Fergovia
Am Ch Mazuki of Al Kahira Am Ch Yenghiz Khan of Five Mile
Am Ch Kerrin Fachita

As we are about to learn, there is a connection between Rudiwin breeding and Kay Finch's Crown Crest Afghans. Whilst I am familiar with Crown Crest it is not a kennel I have yet undertaken extensive research on. Ditto Prides Hill. These two kennels (Crown Crest and Prides Hill) are both so important to USA breed history that they deserve the fullest study. As I acquire records on both kennels I get ever closer to starting projects on both, but for now they are both projects for the future.

I mention Crown Crest and my future plans for research and articles, just as a matter of full disclosure that I do not currently have as expert a knowledge on Crown Crest as I do on other kennels that I have researched and written about. That having been said, my simplistic and current "perception" of Crown Crest is along the lines that Kay Finch received Felts Ch Felts Thief Of Bagdad from her Husband Braden Finch as an anniversary present, and this was the beginnings of Crown Crest. Later on she imported Ophaal Of Vdom from Eta Pauptit and commenced the "Dutch era" of Crown Crest breeding, and which produced the magnificant Crown Crest Mr Universe. However, I missed a major milestone in that brief sketch..

Kay Finch owned the bitch Big Carmelita who also had lineage back to the Lawrence Peters Tazi/Saki of Beg Tute imports from Afghanistan, as did Felts Thief. Kay Finch bred "Thumper" (Felts Thief) to Big Carmelita and in so doing Kay Finch brought the two Peters import influenced lines together. This produced the famous and influential Egypts Echo of CC litter which firmly established Kay Finch on the map. This was in 1949.

A few months later in May 1950 Mrs Leo Conroy of Rudiwin bred a litter sired by her Elcoza's Ponder ex the dam which she also owned - Winomana Of Rrek's. Mrs Conroy sent a letter and photos of the litter to Kay and Braden Finch who then drove to Illinois to visit Mrs Conroy and view the litter. They came away with two puppies, one was a black mask silver named "Bascha" who was eventually transferred to Mr Buchanan of Desertaire Afghan hounds. (A little footnote. According to notes in the AHI pedigree databse, Basha was variously owned by Kay Finch and at one time also by Sunny Shay of Grandeur, before ultimately passing on to Mr Buchanan) The other puppy, the Finch's kept and he was named Taejon Of Crown Crest, a dog that would go on to break breed records, and contribute to the establishment of several other major kennels and of course, leave his legacy on the pedigree history of the breed.

Ch Taejon Of Crown Crest

We just mentioned Wazir Of Desertaire, who was bred by Mr Buchanan and exported to England where he is accredited as improving showmanship via his offspring and became sire of the year in 1964. Wazir descends from Rudiwin breeding via Ch Taejon of Crown Crest who exists in both sides of his pedigree. And I just noticed/reminded myself that Ch Crown Crest Mr Universe's grandparent was Ch Taejon Of Crown Crest, so the Rudiwin origins not only produced one of Kay Finches most succesful dogs, Rudiwin is behind Mr U, and Wazir, and thus, the Ruwidin legacy extends to England and beyond.

The Rudiwin bred Ch Taejon Of Crown Crest was also sire of one of the foundation hounds for the Stormhill Kennel - Ch Stormhill Silver Dream. Really at this point, because of the important hounds and kennels descending from Taejon, the legacy of Rudiwin extends far and wide, not only in the USA but throughout the world. Not bad for a kennel that only bred 2 litters... Well done to Mrs Conroy!

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Am Ch The Millionaire of Stormhill Am Ch Shirkhan of Grandeur Am Can Ch Blue Boy of Grandeur Am Ch Taj Akbaruu of Grandeur
Am Ch Khanhasset Ginger of Grandeur
Mahdi of Grandeur Am Ch Oakvardon Charon
Am Ch Stormhill San Dahl Am Ch Stormhill Silver Dream Am Ch Taejon of Crown Crest
Am Ch Kandorissa of Aldachar
Am Ch Ahshu of Aldachar Am Ch Zar Sahru of Jurhan
Shelgrove Orissa
Am Ch Pamir Myda Sinda Am Ch Patrician Myles Am Ch Rajah of Namtrah Am Ch Felts Allah Baba
Am Ch Ranee Mafalda of Namtrah
Am Ch Crown Crest Taejhanne Am Ch Taejon of Crown Crest
Am Ch Egypts Echo of Crown Crest
Am Ch Pamir Storm Dawn Am Ch Stormhill Silver Dream Am Ch Taejon of Crown Crest
Am Ch Kandorissa of Aldachar
Am Ch Patrician's Victoria Am Ch Rajah of Namtrah
Am Ch Crown Crest Taejhanne

In the above pedigree for Patricians Pipe Dream you can see how the Rudiwin bred Taejon lines were propogated through the different generations of a number of important kennels.

A littermate to Taejon was the black mask silver bitch Winonie Of Ghazni, owned by the Wheelers of Kandulla Aghan Hound. Winonie was used as a foundation bitch for Bob Wales of Ghazni (US) Afghan Hounds, and when she was mated to his Zaadulla Of Arthea this produced his famous stud dog -Zaamarakuri Of Ghazni, who is behind the Moornistans, and also behind some later Stormhills.

Zaamarakuri Of Ghazni

Another littermate to Taejon was Ch Bascha, a dog, who Kay Finch first owned, then she went into co-ownership with Sunny Shay (Grandeur) then Bascha passed to Mr Mrs Buchanan (Desertaire) who bred Bascha to his Zar-Kari Of Shamalan which produced a litter in October 1958. .

Ch Bascha

So the importance of Rudiwin is not limited to just Taejon, but occurs because of the quality of the kennels stock and the significant use other breeders made of Rudiwin Afghan hounds..

Steve Tillotson, 2013, 2018

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