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Illustration by Arthur Wardle

Our thanks to Jess Ruffner-Booth for providing the following illustration

Early Afghan Hounds, Illustration of Shahzada by Arthur Wardle

Illustration by R. H. Moore

Shahzada - Illustration by R. H. Moore 1900

Clifford Hubbard in "The Afghan Handbook (1951) writes -The illustration above was originally published in Charles Henry Lane's "All About Dogs published in 1900" Hubbard continues - "It appears that this dog may have been given undue prominence because of the several publications of the Moore drawing. In 1894 Conte Henri de Bylandt's Les Races de Chiens appeared and in this work we find several illustrations of Afghans. As I write I have by me the 1905 edition of this work, thus having the text in four languages and carrying the title Dogs Of All Nations. In Vol. 1 (on sporting breeds) on pp. 765-769 appear his description on the breed in French, English, German and Dutch. De Bylandt unfortunately appears not to know which is which of the Afghan Hound and the Persian Greyhound so gives each article the double heading of "Afghan Greyhound. Persian Greayhound." And the same happens with the pictures he reproduces too: p. 766 has for instance a quite good reproduction of the ideal Afghan and Persian Greyhound as painted by our famous Arthur Wardle, and here the caption is quite wrong, although the dogs asre easily recognizable.... The Afghan being about as good as the early Bell Murray dogs imported into Britain in the 1920's." Hubbard continues a few lines later "However, the Afghan in the Wardle panting was a far better dog: unfortunately I have not been able to get hold of a good enough photograph of that painting to illustrate the fact, but nevertheless if you consult the de Bylandt work, you will see that the Wardle dog is much nearer the highland (the long-coated) type. "Shahzada" as you can see was one of those obviously very thin-coated dogs common to the lower foothills of southern Afghanistan. Moore was an excellent artist so I do not doubt the animal was almost as scraggy as in the illustration above."

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