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British Museum Notes and Photograph

Early Afghan Hounds -  Shahzada, British Museum - Color Photo

(The following notes by the British Museum about Shahzada)

" Afghan Greyhound" The Afghan Greyhound not improbably represents very nearly the primitive ancestral type from which modern Borzois, Deerhounds and Greyhounds are descended. The breed is native to Balk in North-eastern Afghanistan and belongs to the Sirdars of the Barukhzy family. These Dogs hunt in couples - male and female - and are of high courage. "Shahzada", the dog exhibited was the most typical specimen of the breed in his time in Europe: and as these Dogs are owned by native chiefs, it is difficult to secure good examples. "Shahzada" was a fine, upstanding hound, reddish-fawn - almost wheaten - in colour. The body is covered with a profusion of soft, golden-coloured hair extending over the ears, shoulders and half-way down the legs, the lower half of the latter being bare of long hair although the toes are heavily feathred. "Zardin" another famous Dog of this breed, differs in carrying a greater profusion of coat, and in being creamy rather than golden or reddish fawn in colour, the long hair extending down the legs. "Zardin" also has a tuft of hair on his head, which is otherwise smooth, as in "Shahzada". He stood at least 26 inches to the shouler and was brought from Seistan, in Eastern Persia, to Quetta where he was shown before being imported to England. Nothing is known about his pedigree or breeder, but he was believed to be five years old when the portrait was taken. In some respects the Afghan resembles the Persian Greyhound, the last-named being, however, less shaggy. "Shahzada" died in February 1901, and "Moroo" the female in 1908. Both came from Balkh in Afghanistan and were presented by Mrs Whitbread

Early Afghan Hounds -  Shahzada, British Museum - Color Photo

Early Afghan Hounds -  Moroo

Moroo was born in 1883 and was owned by Major Mackenzie. "Moroo" was exhibited in 1908. Moroo came from Balk (Balkh?) in Afghanistan as did another import (Shahzada) mentioned in the early timeline pages. Both were presented by Mrs Whitbread to the British Museum upon their death.

1/24/2012 - We have recently obtained another photo of Shahzada and Moroo, taken at the British Museum by Murray Anderson (NZ - The "Travelling Tazi"). This photo is taken from a different (front) angle so gives a new view of these two hounds.

Shahzada and Moroo
Afghan Hound Times photo - Shahzada and Moroo

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