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Molly Sharpe
Chaman Afghan Hounds UK Page 12 A Letter from Molly Sharpe (Chaman)
A Letter From Molly Sharpe
(By Steve Tillotson October 2013)

With great thanks to Stephanie Hunt Crowley we have something quite special on this page, A copy of a handwritten letter by Molly Sharpe. Archives from Molly Sharpe are pretty rare. In her letter below to Stephanie, Molly writes "I had a fire in 60/65 and lost just every thing, no Afghans or dogs though, but photos went. Claire Race (Rifka) was alive then and gave me the photos I now have". We are indeed fortunate and grateful to Stephanie that she preserved this precious letter from Molly and is now sharing it with us.

""Address was ok, regret delay in replying, I hate writing letters ! Questions - Answer -- Thofar was most beautiful brindle I ever saw for colouring. I don't think she was ever shown, didn't have much coat in days of these heavy coats, but her colouring conformation was so VIVID, she was a perfect darling to have, known home as "Puss" ! she loved me and was so possessive and the prettiest coloured brindle I ever hever saw. Safiya and her brother, cant remember his name Amanaullah Yes for the moment monment were greys with a little brown (pale brown). I bought them on their pedigree not colour; was after the original breeding. Amanulla he was more Chinchilla Chinchila than Safiya, he. He died with me - Amanullah did, as did Safiya. I bought both for the pedigree, disliked the colour , but wanted the breeding. I think it was Miss Simmons I bought Thofar and Amanullah from. I will send photographs when I find them. Have recently located one of my prevwar Afghans, a group, very clear and I can name most of them. I don't want photos back as am no longer really interested in showing or breeding. Still have 20 assorted dogs, but have an ideal place for my Kennels. Spend more times with dogs than with humans I knew I'd turn out like this. I've always lived alone since war. I had a good photo of group of my Champs it will turn up and when it does will send it. Remember, I had fire in 60's & 60/65 and lost just every thing, no Afghans or dogs though. But photos went. Claire Race was alive then and gave me the photos I now have. I'll send to you photos soon.""

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