Afghan Hound Times
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Description Of The Afghan Hound
The Kennel Club, 1926

Sufficient Afghan Hounds having been registered at the Kennel Club to warrant separate classification and the granting of challenge certificates, considerably accelerated progress is to be expected. Of the many foreign breeds that hae enriched our domestic canida, they are probably the most singular in appearance. The longish coats, which extend to the foot of all four legs, the top-knot of long silky hair, the well-feathered ears (pendelous in shape), the smooth face and brow, and the thin tail curving at the tip, are all striking features. The body is of the greyhbound type, but somewhat heavier and not so prominently arched at the loins. The brisket is deep, the belly tucked up, loins muscular. Neck arched, long and graceful, and well let into the sloping shoulders. The tail is set low, giving a rounded appearance to the rump. Legs long with hocks placed very low. Head long, and with scarely any stop. Eyes dark. Feet longish and well protected with hair. The usual colour is fawn, sometimes lightish, and others nearly red, and brindles are occasionally seen. Afghan Hounds, having good house manners, make excellent companions. They are of great antiquity, and it is obvious that they have been carefully bred in their own country, where they are highly prized for the sport they show
The Kennel Club, 1926

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