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UK Breed Standard (Tail Carriage/Eyes,Expression)- Molly Sharpe (Chaman) 1945


Interpretation/Comments on Breed Standards
(Molly Sharpe, 1945)

In 1945 Molly Sharpe wrote as follows

Tail Carriage "No matter how good an Afghan may be, unless it has perfect tail carrriage its whole appearance is ruined. The tail must be carried correctly, set on low, carried gaily with ring at the end, sparsley feathered. When in motion both head and tail are carried high. No part of an Afghans tail can be termed straight: even when carried on a level with its back, it curves slightly to the tight ring at the end. And, equally bad is it for a tail to be all tight curl. The tail was the only means of the hunter following his dog when out hunting, and this alone suffices to show the importance of correct tail carriage".

Eyes and Expression Afghans hunt by sight, and must therefore be extremely keen sighted, as they depend on eyesight alone to hunt their game. Eyes are a great feature of the breed, and should not be large, soulful or kind, but brilliantly clear with the appearance of looking through one. An inscrutable and dignified aloofness, combined with a somewhat keen fierceness of expression, helps to convey to one that the Afghan is probably the oldest breed in the world. Perhaps the intelligent, Eastern expression of the Afghan is best described as eagle-eyed".

Molly Sharpe, Chaman Afghans


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