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(1890 -19xx)
(By Steve Tillotson and Lyall Payne, June 2017)

http://www.afghanhoundtimes BOOK BY Caroline de Westenholz -  De Familie Von Westenholz
We wish to acknowledge and thank Baroness
Westonholz's grandaughter Caroline de Westenholz
for her invaluable assistance with our compilatuion
of the Westenholz family history elements in this
article and also for providing some personal
family archives and photographs.
http://www.afghanhoundtimes BOOK BY Caroline de Westenholz -  De Familie Von Westenholz

We also wish to acknowledge and express our thanks to John Fincham and Lynda Race of the UK's Southern Afghan Hound Club, for kindly providing us information from official club records and Lynda kindly sharing information from Sheila Devitt's (Carloway) breeding records in rspect of Tanjee Of Carloway. We also wish to thank Mike Stokes, Treasurer of the UK Pekingese Club for sharing information and anecdotes about the Baroness's contribution to Pekingese breed history.


Lily, Baroness von Westenholz was born Lily Weyer, daughter of German naval officer, Lieutenant/Commander Bruno Ludwig Adolph Weyer and Anna-Luise (Marta) Dunbar. Lily's father was born in Kiel, Schleswig-Holsteinin 1857 and died in Hamburg, Germany in 1936.. Lily's title of Baroness began with her marriage to Friedrich Paul Eberhard, Freiherr von Westenholz, in Wandsbek, Hamburg, Germany, on 5 September 1914. The hereditary title of Freiherr (Baron) came to the Westenholz family with an Austrian patent of nobility. This brought the title of Austrian Knight in 1866 and the hereditary title in 1869 to Karl Friedrich Ludwig Westenholz (Lily's husband's grandfather). Therefore, making him the first Baron von Westenholz. A merchant banker in Hamburg, and patron of the arts and theatre, he served as the Austrian Imperial and Royal Consul General in Hamburg.

Lily and her family lived in Amsterdam between 1920 and 1930, at 318, Herengracht, the best of the 3 canals. In the second house from the left, in this picture. They had their office (Caroline's grandfather founded the Dutch branch of Frederick von Westenholz & Co) on the ground floor. And they had a splendid steel yacht with which they sailed to Hamburg every so often. Caroline's grandfather became director of the whole European operation after his uncle died in 1926. Lily also owned a house in Theritet outside Lausanne, Switzerland.

Baroness Lily Von Westenholz' Home, 318, Herengracht, Amsterdam 1920-1930 PHOTO Baroness Westenholz Home, Amsterdam 1920's

Lily arrived in England, from Switzerland, in 1938 as a widowed mother of two young adult sons. Lily established her home in London and she also leased 500 acres and a Farm House in Ware, Hertfordshire known as "Blakesware"

Baroness Lily Von Westenholz' Farmhouse
Little Blakesware, Ware , Herts ,England 1930's-1950's PHOTO Baroness Lily Von  Westenholz' Farmhouse, Little Blakesware, Ware , Herts England 1930's-1950's


The Westenholz' played a significant role as businessmen and politicians. The first Baron's father, Friedrich Ludwig (1787-1843) was a Viennese businessman who served as Spanish Vice-Consul and also as the Austrian General Consul in Hamburg. It was Friedrich Ludwig that began the generations of family involvement as Swiss bankers, no doubt through the influence of his father-in-law, Daniel Christian Kuh (a merchant banker). Prior to this the Westenholz' were generations of talented and significant musicians. Carl August Friedrich Westenholz (1736-1789) was a tenor, composer, concert master, and music director in the court of Duke Frederick of Mecklenberg-Schwerin. He composed many cantatas and oratorios. His first wife was an Italian opera singer and his second a singer, pianist and composer. His father was a noted organist and his son Carl Friedrich Ludwig a cellist and organist.

It would come as no surprise, therefore, that when Carl Friedrich Ludwig's son married Louise Kuh the families' banking successes would allow them to continue their patronage of the arts. While the ties to Austria, Germany and Switzerland were strong, the first Baron von Westenholz commenced ties with Britain. His son (Lily's father-in-law) was married in Kensington, London, England in 188XXX. He (the first Baron) also co-owned Suse and Sibeth (London 1818-1836) a firm that specialised in trade with The Netherlands. This began a further enduring family association with Holland.


UK Advertisement for Closmidi Pekingese 1939 CLOSMIDI PEKES ADVERT 1939

Clos du Midi / Closmidi Afghan hounds Clos du Midi / Closmidi Afghan hounds

In her early days , Lily used two variations of her kennel name (affix) - "Clos du Midi" for her Afghan hounds and "Closmidi" for her Pekingese. From around 1947 Lily standardized on her kennel name as "Closmidi", which is the name most Afghan hound enthusiasts are familiar with.

Prior to moving to England, Lily lived in Amsterdam, Holland as well as in other continental European countries. During the early 1920's she was exhibiting her Pekingese in Holland, Brussels, France, Switzerland and others. Clos Du Midi is a region in north western Belgium (Flanders), and it is apparent that she derived her kennel name "Closmidi" from Clos du Midi to which she obviously had great affection and attachment.


Lily's grandaughter Caroline de Westenholz has kindly provided a photo of Lily's cabinet full of medals she won with her Pekingese in Belgium and various other continental European countries during the 1930's..

Medals won by Lily at European dog shows 1930's PHOTO Medals won by Barroness de Westenholz at Europen dog shows 1920's

Expanded view of some Medals won by Lily at European dog shows 1930's PHOTO Medals won by Barroness de Westenholz at Europen dog shows 1920's

The details for the medals collection above are as follows -


Exposition Canine Internationale Evian
Societe Canine Du Sud-Est
Societe Canine Du Sud-Est exposition 1934 Evian, 1ER Prix
Societe Canine Du Sud-Est
Source Cachat

KCA [carries the coat of arms of the city of
Amsterdam so probably Kynologen Club Amsterdam]
No text, picture of a group of dogs
Kennel Club Belge, Prix Dexposition
Exposition Canine Liege 1938
2D Prix Exposition Canine Evian 1936

No text, picture of a group of dogs
Societe Canine Du Sud-Est Exp 1934 Evian 134 Prix
No text, picture of a a Pekingese
KCA [carries the coat of arms of the city of Amsterdam)
Ste Canine Du Sud-EST Evian 1935 , 1ER Prix
Frankfurt A.M. Zur Erinnerung An Die Erste Welthunde-Ausstellugn, 1935

KCA [carries the coat of arms of the city of Amsterdam]
Societe Canine De La Cote D'Azur
Ste Canine Du Sud-Est, D'exposition Evian 1935, 1ER Prix
Kennel Club Belge, Prix D'exposition
Exposition Canine Evian, 1936

Exposition Canine Internationale Evian
Kennel Club Belge Prix D'exposition
Societe Canine Du Sud-Est Exposition 1934 Eviane 2ME Prix
Kynol, Club Friesland
Societe Canine Du Sud-EST
Source Cachat


Lily started out with Pekingese, so we think it appropriate that we briefly include mention of her first breed in this article. The following notes were compiled with information received from the UK Pekingese Club - There were no Crufts dog shows for the years 1940 through 1947 due to WWII. The first champion bitch after the Second World War was Bill Hindley Taylor's Champion Lovely Maid of Kyratown. Her pet name was Beulah. When Bill bought her she was three years old, and had produced two litters. Bill had previously tried to purchase Beulah unsuccessfully from the Baroness de Westenholz. Bill had judged a London club show when this bitch, then known as Yuen Sih of Closmidi was shown under him. He made her Best In Show, and relates the story of how he thought to himself "Well, that's the end, I shan't get her now". Then, after judging, the Baroness came to Bill and said "Bill, you are very honest - I will let you have her". So he took Beulah home with him, and she slept on his bed that night. In his writings about his various champions, Bill describes her as a fawn with a glorious wide, flat skull, broad, well-filled in face, body and legs, action, coat and furnishings were excellent, and she had the showmanship to make her the great bitch she was. At this time you could completely change the name of a registered dog, so Beulah became "Lovely Maid of Kyratown". She won a total of 16 CCs, her first being from Mrs Gale, her 2nd from Miss Allen at the Invicta, and her third from Mr Bowley at the British Pekingese. She was bred by Mrs Parkes Foy. Her date of birthwas :25/09/1943 . Bill Hindley Taylor also owned Kyratown Mary Of Closmidi, bred by Baroness Westenholz. Bill Hindley Taylor's Kyratown Pekinese kennel was very successful in this era and left a significant breeding legacy for subsequent generations of Peke breeders to build upon. Baroness Westenholz's Closmidi Peke's provided an important foundation for the breed.


The Southern Afghan Hound Club was recognized in 1946. Lily was involved with the club from the outset, providing sponsorship, cups and prize money in support of their shows as early as 1947. In 1951 Lily became Chairperson of the club,, a position she held for several years. In the latter years Lily ecame the Club's Patron. Lily also undertook occasional judging and Judged the Southern Afghan Club show in 1953

Baroness Westenholz Judging Southern Afghan Club show 1953 PHOTO Barones Westenholz Judging SAC UK show 1953

A composite image showing Baroness Westenholz
as SAC Chairperson in 1951 PHOTO Baroness Westenholz Southern Afghan Hound Chairperson

A composite image showing Baroness Westenholz
as Trophy and Prize Money Doner since 1947 PHOTO Baroness Westenholz Southern Afghan Hound Trophy and Prize Money Doner since 1947


The war devastated the breed. The importers of the first hounds from Afghanistan on which the breed in the Western World is based, had long since left the breed in the hands of others. Few owners and breeders survived the war unscathed. (Registrations during the war plummeted from 222 in 1937 to as low as 20 in 1941). Those breeders that survived tended to have access to acreage and wild game to feed their few, and by wars end, often elderly Afghan hounds. One such Breeder was Lily, she had been breeding Pekingese since the early 1920's, started in Afghan hounds in 1939 and was active through to 1950

The Baroness's first Afghan hound was Juanita of Chaman (b), bred by Molly Sharpe by Int Ch Taj Akbar of Chaman x Thofar, litter whelped 27 March 1939. Juanita was a litter sister to Molly Sharpe's famous Int Ch Taj of Chaman. The Baroness's second Afghan hound was Juanella of Chaman (B), which involved a breeding of Juanita to Molly's foundation dog - Int Ch Garrymhor Faiz Bu Hassid, the litter whelped 1st Oct 1940. (Interesting side note - The Baroness owned the breeding bitch Juanita, yet the breeder of this litter is registered as Molly Sharpe. Perhaps the ladies had an agreement that the first litter from Juanita would be sired by Faiz Bu Hassid and registered under the Chaman affix?). In any event, the Baroness's choice for her foundations (Chaman) perhaps gives us a clue as to the type of Afghan hound that she preferred? The records list only three hounds in this litter - the bitch Juanella of Chaman (owned by the Baroness), a dog, Ben Hassid Of Chaman, and a second dog, Jali Khan Of Chaman who was sold to Mrs. E Edmonds.

The AHI Pedigree database shows Molly Sharp as owner of Ben Hassid Of Chaman, but we believe that Ben Hassid was in fact owned by Lily - because in an advert dated 1943 Lily advertised Ben Hassid as available for stud. Surely if Molly Sharpe owned him at that time, Lily would not have advertised him for stud? Further, the only stud work Ben Hassid fulfilled was for the Closmidi kennel, there is no record of him being used at Stud by Molly or any other kennel. We note also that Lily owned Ben Hassid's dam - Juanita Of Chaman PHOTO Juanita Of Chaman and  Marah of Closmidi

Another little mystery is the above photograph Marah of Closmidi - the Pedigree database does not include this Afghan and we have no details on Marah's breeding. We note that the two photographs were taken by Thomas Fall with a similar background, so we wonder if the two photographs were taken at the same photo shoot. The photographs were published in December 1943. The only Closmidi breeding that works for the Dec 1943 date is from the Garrymhor Faiz Bu Hassid x Juanita of Chaman breedings (1940/1941)


The Baroness acquired four other Afghan hounds during this period -

(1) Amina Of Closmidi, (b), (Nosnikta's Nissim Tango x Silvercaul Sa-De-Miranda), whelped 16th Dec 1945, bred by Mrs. I King (Ajawaan). Amina was litter sister to UK Ch Ajawaan Chita Mia and was not bred from.

(2) Closmidi Mahsud of Baramula, (b), (Turkuman Dammar Pine Tree x Patrols Creme Chenille), whelped 9th May 1947, bred by Mr. & Mrs. Styles (Winstyle). Mahsud produced two litters for Closmidi (July 1945, Sep 1949) and a third litter (Sep 1950) which was co-bred by the Baroness and Mrs. Dora Clarke of the Valdorern kennel.

(3) Nadini of Closmidi, cream bitch. AHI pedigree database has the folowing note about Nadina - "Nadona trans 3/47 from Wolstenholz to Tyndall, No trace of orginal registration on KC BRS, Possibly Patrols Kooshab Maid". AHT's pedigree database has the following note "Nadina Closmida (late Patrols Kooshab Maid"). So both AHI and AHT separate records indicate that Nadina of Closmidi was originally named Patrols Kooshab Maid, (Bahbudi Baba x Patrols Zaide whelped 31 December 1945, breeder Mrs Ruth Y Harrison-Yates (Patrols).

Nadini Of Closmidi PHOTO Nadini Of Closmidi

(4) The Baroness acquired the golden bitch Tanjee of Carloway, (Ch Yusseff of Carloway x Carloway Sharmain of Virendale), whelped 3rd Oct 1954, bred by Sheila Devitt (Carloway). Tanjee was a littermate to UK Ch's Tarquin and Tijah of Carloway. Another littermate Aust Ch Tamerind of Carloway was exported to Australia. Tanjee was not bred from.

Tamarind Of Carloway (left), littermate to Tanjee Of Carloway PHOTOamarind Of Carloway (left), littermate to Tanjee Of Carloway


The Baroness bred a total of 12 litters between 1941 and 1950 which, are detailed below in chronological order -

(1). 1941, 21st October (Int Ch Garrymhor Faiz Bu Hassid x Juanita of Chaman)
The first Baroness registered litter involved a repeat of the 1940 breeding undertaken by Molly Sharpe and involved Int UK Ch Garrymhor Faiz Bu Hassid x Juanita of Chaman, This was the first litter to carry the Baroness's "Closmidi" affix. We find 7 pups recorded. Dogs - Paralyan of Closmidi, Togi of Closmidi, Billingbear Wizard. Bitches - Chandra of Closmidi (owned by Helen Semple, Pushtikuh), Sheena of Closmidi (retained by the Baroness but not bred from), Feathers (2nd and final owner Miss M Mathews, Westover), Patrols Crme Chenille (originally registered as "Lotus of Closmidi", renamed when she was transferred to Mrs. Yates-Harrison of Patrols).

Patrols Creme Chenille from this first litter was a particularly important brood bitch. Chenille had several owners - Mrs. Yates-Harrison (Patrols), Mr. Mrs. W H Styles (Winstyle), Mr. W J Kent (no affix) were perhaps the most significant owners, so we will discuss their Chenille breeding. Chenille whelped her first litter (10 pups) on June 3 1943, sired by Turkuman Dammar Pine Tree, breeder Mrs. Yates-Harrison (Patrols). From this litter came the dog, Ch Ravelly Patrols Ali Bey, owner Reg Floyd. Ali Bey became the first post-war UK Champion. An Ali Bey son - UK Ch Rajah Bey of Ravelly also distinguished himself by eating the Minute Book of the Southern Afghan Club (source Charles Harrisson). Chenille whelped her second litter (3 pups recorded) on 9 July 1944, again sired by Turkuman Dammar Pine Tree, breeder Mr. W J Kent. A dog from this litter - Ch Patrols Ali Khan, (owner Mrs. Yates-Harrison) became a UK Champion. Mr. and Mrs. W H Styles (Winstyle) eventually became owners of Chenille and bred a litter from her which whelped on the 29th Mar 1946. This litter included the very important bitch Winstyle Dera Khan, who was acquired by Sheila Devitt (Carloway). Miss Devitt later acquired the dog Jalalabad Barwala of Carloway from Dr. Unkauf (Barukhzy). The breeding combination of Barwala and Winstyle Dera Khan is the heart and soul of the hugely important Carloway kennel.

The bitch Chandra of Closmidi was another productive sibling from this first Closmidi litter. Chandra was bred from three times. 1943 July 7 (Conygar Baradar x Chandra of Closmidi). The first Chandra breeding sired by Conygar Baradar, was bred by the Baroness and whelped July 7 1943. This breeding was a move away from the Closmidi foundations ( Garrymhor, Chaman) into Miss Venn's Conygar blended lines that were renowned for their excellent balance and long refined heads and also well known for producing black and tans. .(Miss Venn was the breeder of Turkuman Dammer Pinetree, an important stud dog who was black and tan). The litter produced 2 dogs and 3 bitches. Sourya, a bitch was retained and contributed to the Baronesses future breeding program.

The second Chandra litter whelped Jan 1 1945, bred by Miss Semple (Pushtikuh, UK). The sore was Mrs. Rhodes Tuclo Divah. Records show two offspring, a bitch Kharoti was acquired by Mrs. J Bransden (Kharoti UK), and a gold dog Titoliki-I-Pushtikuh which was reportedly exported to Frank B Henderson in the USA. The third Chandra litter whelped 2nd Feb 1946, also bred by Miss Semple. The sire was Ch Patrols Ali Khan, owned by Mrs. Yates-Harrison (Patrols). Ali Khan was out of the second Patrols Crme Chenille litter born in 1944 so this breeding was a return to Closmidi foundations with the addition of picking up new lines from Ali Khan's sire Turkuman Dammer Pinetree. Five dogs are recorded in this litter (no bitches); Mrs. Semple retained all the pups. The dog Tarik-I-Pushtikuh from this litter was used at stud by Otontala kennels (UK).

(2). 1944 11th August (Conygar Baradar x Juanita of Chaman)
The next Closmidi litter again involved Miss Venn's stud dog Conygar Baradar as the sire and her foundation bitch Juanita of Chaman as the dam. We observed that in the previous litter the Baroness (via Conygar Baradar) injected new blood into her lines. With this litter the Baroness bred back into her foundations. Juanita whelped five dogs on 11th August 1944. A cream dog from this litter - Duzdab of Closmidi, was exported to Switzerland, but we have no further details about him or the name of his owner.

Conygar Baradar PHOTOConygar Baradar

Another dog from this litter - Patrols Rashnee of Closmidi, became a prolific and important stud dog. Rashnee sired 48 offspring from 9 different breeding for several major kennels, including - Westover (Mrs. Mathews), Barakzai (Walker and Wilson), Hanuman (Mrs. Sanderson), Kabul (Dr. Betsy Porter). Barbourne (Mr. Mrs. Masters), Patrols (Mrs. Yates-Harrison), Vendas (Mr. Tyndal). Pictured below is Fehra of Westover (b) from a Miss Mathews breeding of Rashnee on 1st May 1949

(3). 1944 17th August (Ben Hassid of Chaman x Sourya of Closmidi).
The next Closmidi litter whelped 17th Aug 1944 - (Ben Hassid of Chaman x Sourya of Closmidi). Interestingly, Ben Hassid of Chaman was a littermate to the Baroness's second Afghan - Juanita of Chaman. Breeding to Juanita's brother is another example of the Baroness breeding back into her Chaman foundation lines. We only have records of two offspring from this litter, both bitches - Melika and Topaz of Closmidi. Melika was exported to Norway and owned by Kpt A M Strand (Strandborg, NOR). Kpt Strand bred Melika to an English dog previously exported to Sweden - Jalalabad Asmar. The litter produced Strandborg Lotus Orient which became an important brood bitch for Ingrid Trolles Swedish kennel- el Khandahar.

(4). 1945 December 6th (Naib-I-Pushtikuh x Topaz of Closmidi)
Topaz of Closmidi whelped a litter for the Baroness on December 6th 1945. Sire of the litter was Naib-I-Pushtikuh. Four puppies resulted, all bitches, none were bred from.

(5). 1946 25th January (Subidar-I-Pushtikuh x Juanita of Chaman)
On 25th January 1946, a breeding of (Subidar-I-Pushtikuh x Juanita of Chaman) produced a litter at Closmidi. We are only aware of 2 offspring, both bitches, Farida of Closmidi who was owned by Marna Dods (Horningsea) and Moussa of Closmidi, retained by the Baroness but not bred from. Baroness Westonholz Farida of Closmidi Crufts 1948 PHOTO Farida of Closmidi

The big story of this litter is Farida of Closmidi who eventually became the property of Marna Dods (Horningsea). The foundation breeding pair at Horningsea was the dog Chandi Bhai of Tolrua and Farida of Closmidi. (Chandi Bhai's paternal Grandmother was Patrols Crme Chenille, bred by the Baroness). Mrs. Bolland of Tolrua bred a litter of five which whelped in January 1948 out of Chandai Bhai and Farida. After this breeding, both Chandi Bhai and Farida were transferred to Marna Dods (Horningsea) and exhibited at Crufts 48. Baroness Westonholz Closmidi Crufts 1948

We note that in the above Crufts catalogue extract that hounds from the kennels of Dr. Betsy Porter (El Kabul), Miss Semple (Pushtikuh) and Mrs. Bolland (Tolrua) were either of Closmid breedingi, or from Closmidi lines. This is indicative of the early impact of the Baroness's breeding, a subject we will return to later in this article. This show was the first post-war Crufts show. During the war KC regulations stated that dogs could only be bred if it was essential to preserve the bloodlines. Further, food rationing and shortages exacerbated the difficulties for breeders. In fact, during the period July 1938 and June 1947 Dr. Porter bred only one litter (in 1940).

Below is a cropped image of an advertisement Dr. Porter placed in the Crufts 1948 catalogue in which she comments - 'line-bred on two sides to pre-war stock'. This is an indication of the importance of breeders such as the Baroness, who were able to continue breeding during the wartime period, and helped preserve precious lines for the next generation of (post-war) breeders such as Marna Dods and Mrs. Bolland.

Dr Porter (El Kabul) incorporated Closmidi lines into her breeding program. Roy Wilson (Barakzai/Khonistan) wrote about Patrols Rashnee of Closmidi in 1988 - "We acquired Rashnee Of Closmidi, a magnificent dog bred by Baroness Westenholz who was later mated to our Barakzai Sta producing a super litter which included our Tamil Bey of Barakzai, he was our favourite of all time." . Rashnee was a popular and significant stud dog. He was used by the following leading UK kennels - Westover, Barakzai (Khonistan), Hanuman, El Kabul, Barbourne, Patrols , Vendas and others Baroness Westonholz Closmidi Crufts 1948

Horningsea Turridu a son of Farida of Closmidi was the sire of Uk Ch. Horningsea Majid - "The first (Horningsea) homebred to make an impact on the breed who was also to become the foundation male of the Scheherazade (UK/USA) Afghans". PHOTO Hornigsea Turridu

Ann Adams (Badakshan) writing about Marna Dods Horningsea in 1989 - "I never met the self-gold Farida but many knowledgeable breeders admired her and Marna had a portrait of her which I saw many times."

(6). 1946, 24th October, (KashibI Khan of Kuranda x Juanita of Chaman)
Interesting breeding on this litter. The Baroness bred from her foundation bitch Juanita of Chaman (this was Juanita's fourth litter, now aged 9 years old) and the Baroness used the outside stud dog Kashibi Khan of Kuranda (also aged 9 years old), who was owned and bred by Mrs. Rothwell-Fielding (Kuranda). The dam side of Kashibi's pedigree is a typical blend of types for that era. The sire side of Kashibi's pedigree is pure Bell Murray out of the last known pure Bell Murray hound - Kulli Khan Of Kuranda. We have details of only one pup from this litter, a bitch - Fatima of Closmidi.

Fatima Of Closmidi
Photo News Adelaide 10 April 1951 PHOTO Fatima Of Closmidi

(7). 1947, 20th June, Ben Hassid of Chaman x Sourya of Closmidi
This was a repeat of the Baronesses litter bred earlier on 17th August 1944. Our records list only one pup in this later litter, that being a bitch - Hookstone Tala of Closmidi, owned by Fred Long (Hookstone UK. AUST). Tala produced a litter of 7 pups for Fred Long in January 1949; a bitch from that litter (Doshi of Hookstone) was acquired by Charles and Muriel Harrisson (Vishnu) and became the kennels foundation hound.

(8). 1948, 26th June (Badakhsnan x Fatima of Closmidi)
Fatima produced a litter of six (4d, 2b) for the Baroness on 26th June 1948 sired by Badakhsnan (Valdorern). Two dogs and a bitch from this litter went to Fred Long (Hookstone, UK, Aust). A bitch Kuranda Goyama of Closmidi went to Mrs. Rothwell -Fielding. A dog and a bitch were retained by the Baroness.In November 1950, Mrs. Rothwell- Fielding bred from her bitch Kuranda Goyama of Closmidi, but (oddly?) all six littermates were registered as owned by Mrs. Ida Morton (Netheroyd). Sometime later, Mrs. Morton become the owner of Goyama and bred a litter in August 1951 out of Goyama, sired by her new champion Ch Netheroyd Alibaba.

Hookstone - The Fatima offspring were not the first Closmidi stock to go to Fred Long's kennel. He acquired the dog Hookstone Tagore (bred by Mr. Mrs. Styles) from the May 1947 litter out of Patrols Crme Chenille (bred by the Baroness). He acquired the bitch Hookstone Tala of Closmidi (bred by the Baroness) from the June 1947 litter out of Sourya of Closmidi. He acquired two bitches Hookstone Nunna and Hookstone Nanda from the Feb 1948 litter out of Patrols Crme Chenille, plus the three hounds from the Fatima June 1950 litter. In 1954 Fred Long and his Afghans emigrated to Australia and established his kennel there. In the process he exported Closmidi lines to Australia.

(9). 1948, 12th July, (Meshki-Baz-I-Pushtikuh x Closmidi Mahsud of Baramula)
The Baroness chose an outside stud dog - Meshki-Baz-I-Pushtikuh, owned by Mrs. Dart (Hawkfield) as the mate for her bitch Closmidi Mahsud Of Baramula) which was a litter sister to Hookstone Tagore, whelped back in May 1947. The records list only two pups whelped by Mahsud, - Dijili of Closmidi (d), Kumari of Closmidi (b), both retained by the Baroness.

(10). 1949, 7th Sept, (Patrols Rashnee of Closmidi x Closmidi Mahsud of Baramula)
As far as we can tell from available records, the owner of Rashnee was still Mrs. Yates-Harrison (Patrols), bred in 1944 by the Baroness. So this breeding presumably involved a "loan of bitch" arrangement from Mrs. Yates-Harrison to the Baroness. This litter reflects a significant shift back into Closmidi foundation lines. We have 4 pups recorded from this litter, 2 dogs, and 2 bitches. The Baroness retained three from this litter and a bitch - Suna of Closmidi went to the Padshah kennel of Mr. and Mrs. Corbett as their foundation bitch.

(11). 1950, 18th Sept, (Fellah of Valdorern x Closmidi Mahsud of Baramula)
The Baroness once again went outside her kennel for the stud dog and for the third time consecutively she chose Mahsud as the dam. The mating produced 3 dogs and 4 bitches. This is one of those litters where there were two breeders names associated with individual offspring. The Baroness was registered as the breeder of Indra of Closmidi which she sold to a Mrs. Hopwood and the Baroness retained Kerina of Closmidi. Mrs. Dora Clark (Valdorern) was registered as the breeder of the other 5 offspring and they carried the Valdorern name rather than Closmidi. Mrs. Clark retained 3 pups. The bitch Nuradin of Valdorern was exported to Mr. J Lacarriere in France, but there is no record of her having been bred. Tosca of Valdorern, a dog, was sold to Miss W A Riley (Hollyhill, UK) but was not bred from.

(12). 1950, 23rd Nov, (Dato of Closmidi x Dijili of Closmidi)
Records indicate two pups were whelped in this litter, both retained by the Baroness. This was the final Closmidi litter.

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