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Amelia and Martha White
Kandahar Afghan Hounds
and Rathmullan Irish Wolfhounds USA
(Author, Steve Tillotson, January 2012)
(Page 3)

Afghan Hound times photo Amelia Elizabeth White Kandahar Afghan Hounds


The location and setting of the Kennels in the Southwest offers several advantages, but it makes showing a little difficult. Aside from the New Mexico Kennel Club Show, which is held in Santa F every second year, the nearest all-breed exhibition is at Denver, Colorado, a matter of 500 miles. This is considered a short distance in the West, and for that event, and for other shows slightly further away, the hounds are transported in a specially built V-8 Ford truck. It will hold four or five hounds, all loose. The tailboard is hinged to the roof, and fastened to the floor with two strong hooks, so that, while perfectly secure, all the hounds may jump out at once without crowding when the tailboard is lifted. The floor of the truck is covered with a large canvas bag, packed with about four inches of cedar shavings.

Amelia White and Hounds c. 1933/c 1930
Afghan Hound Times - Two photos of Amelia White and Hounds

Last year (1933) the kennel went to three shows on the Southwest Circuit, and had to travel more than 3,200 miles to cover them. Also, due to the scarcity of competition, such a trip is not worthwhile unless four or more hounds are taken, because there often is not enough outside competition to provide points. Taking so many heavy dogs (notably Irish Wolfhounds) naturally runs up express charges. The four Irish Wolfhounds that the kennel sent on the Southwest Circuit weighed a total of 950 lbs. when crated.

After Martha died there was no more active breeding in Wolfhounds, although Amelia remained active as an exhibitor. One of her Wolfhounds became the second Irish Wolfhound to go best in show, all breeds, and the first American-bred one to do so

The AKC article concludes "They like the big dogs, especially, even though there is a 13-year old Scottie, named Sandy, that claims quite a bit of attention; and an Afghan hound, Zara of Prideshill - the same one that went best of breed at Westminster last year - that demands some affection".


In 1931 Westmill Omar and Asra Of Ghazni were imported from England by Zeppo Marx of Marx Brothers fame. The Marx brothers hollywood schedule inhibited their ability to do much with the hounds and they were subsequently purchased by Judge and Dog Dealer Mr George S Thomas who then sold them on to Q A Shaw Mckean of Prides Hill, on condition that he, (George S Thomas) be listed as breeder of the first litter. A couple of years later in 1934 Q A Shaw Mckean (Prides Hill) imported Badshah Of Ainsdart (golden brindle, dog) from England. Badshah's litter brother Tufan Of Ainsdart (cream) was also imported at the same time and Tufan went to Amelia White at Kandahar.

Tufan Of Ainsdart in USA
Afghan Hound Times Photo - Tufan Of Ainsdart

Tufan Of Ainsdart England 1931
Afghan Hound Times Photo - Tufan Of Ainsdart

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Ch Sirdar of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded    
Parent Not Recorded    
Ku-Mari of Kaf Bm Ch Taj Mahip of Kaf Bm Khym Bm Baluch Bm
Ch Ranee Bm
Daghai Bm Ooty Bm
Pushum Bm
Sonee Bm Ooty Bm Zorawar Bm
Dil Bm
Ch Ranee Bm Rajah Bm
Begum Bm

Amelia White had already purchased the fawn bitch Zara Of Prides Hill from the first breeding of Westmill Omar and Asra Of Ghazni whelped 4/1/1932 .Next, in 1933/34 Amelia White purchased Amanullah Of Kandahar, another hound bred by Q A Shaw Mckean (Prides Hill). Amanullah was sired by Badshah Of Ainsdart x Zahera Of Prides Hill (Westmill Omar x Asra Of Ghazni) . So by late 1934 Amelia White had first generation offspring of the three Mckean imports (Omar, Asra, Badshah) in her kennel, plus she had Tufan Of Ainsdart.

Amelia White bred three litters from the pairing of Tufan of Ainsdart x Zara Of Prides Hill in the two years 1935-1936. Notably, the dominant colors of the offspring were cream with a couple of fawns and one gold recorded.

Amanullah Of Kandahar (cream) sired 6 litters in the period 1935/40. Two litters for the Cyann kennel of Cyrus K Rickel, and four litters for her own Kandahar kennel. Amanullah was a big winner picking up Groups and BIS not only on his home turf but also on the east coast, including taking breed at Westminster,

Kandahar Afghans were certainly doing a lot of winning. the aforementioned Zara Of Prides Hill also won breed at Westminster a few years prior to Amanullah's success there

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