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Amelia and Martha White
Kandahar Afghan Hounds USA
(Author, Steve Tillotson, January 2012)
(Page 4)

Afghan Hound times photo Amelia Elizabeth White Kandahar Afghan Hounds

6. THE AFGHAN HOUNDS (Continued from previous page)

Late 1934/early 1935 Amelia White purchased the white bitch, Isis Of Kandahar, this being a repeat breeding at Prides Hill of the Amanullah Of Kandahar breeding. Isis was bred to Tufan Of Ainsdart and the litter whelped 11/15/1935. The litter included 2 blacks, 2 brindles and a gold offspring. The blacks and brindles were never bred from. Is this an early indication of a color preference (cream, fawn, gold) at Amelia White's Kandahar kennel?

Amanullah Of Kandahar. Best Of Breed, Westminster 1938 Afghan Hound Times Photo - Amanullah Of Kandahar

The following paragraph is an extract from an article "Afghan Affairs" by Mr and Mrs R W Sampson (Redwood City, California), published in the Jan 1937 isue of Kennel Review Magazine and references the performance of the Kandhar Afghan hounds -

At the San Diego Show, November 8th, there was an entry of only three for judge Starkey to pass on. Winners dog to Mrs Jack Oakie's Inkenandar of Kandahar, winners bitch and best of winners to the same owners Morgiana of Kandahar. Best of breed and winner of Group Second to our Ch Garrymhor Kishtwar.

At the Winter Ambassador there was a top notch entry of fifteen. The write was not able to be present so this report is a matter of heresay, and we hope it is correct. Winners dog to that beautiful year old brindle of Caroline Hall Richjond's Fatima's Son Tufan Khan. Winners bitch to Mrs Oakie's Morgiana of Kandahar. This is getting to be quite common for the Oakies, as under Russel Zimmerman's able guidance this bitch must be half way through her championship. Best of winners to Tufan Khan. Best of breed brought out an entry of three specials, Ch Barberry-Hill Charlie taking the honors over Ch. Tufan Of Ainsdart and Ch Amanullah of Kandahar. However it is very interesting to note that both winners dog and bitch were sired dby Tufan. He is a grand dog and certainly throws himself into his puppies.

Amanullah Of Kandahar
Afghan Hound Times Photo - Amanullah Of Kandahar

Below is a listing of the Kandahar litters bred by Amelia White

The breeding record above speaks for itself - overwhelmingly cream and fawns. On the very few occasions that a Kandahar breeding produced a black or brindle, it was never bred from. I believe this supports the assertion that Amelia White had a preference in favour of creams, fawns and golds

However, just to perplex us, we should note the litter whelped 1939/11/05 (Tufan Of Ainsdart x Sonya Of Westover) . Sonya Of Westover was bred by Mrs J E Farrell of the Fortworth USA kennel. Sonya was a brindle, a surprising choice perhaps for Amelia White to buy in and breed from considering our earlier observation on an apparent favour towards fawns and creams. However, fact is fact, Amelia White owned the brindle bitch and bred from her, producing 2 creams, 4 fawns, 1 brindle. She was probably pleased to have gotten the cream and fawns, but never bred from the brindle in this litter. Also we don't know what colour Brindle Sonya was, she could have been a dark or light brindle, so maybe the degree of brindle was a factor in Amelia White's decision?

We note also that Amelia White purchased Sargon of Kandahar, a black dog bred by Mrs Aline M Ballard, whelped 1946/04/08. Again, it is slightly odd that Amelia White would after a decade of breeding primarily creams and fawns buy in a black dog. It has been suggested that she was interested in the bloodlines which on the dam side of the pedigre carried lines back to Rudiki Of Prides Hill. Maybe she was trying to get some of the old Prides Hill bloodlines to refreshen her own? Just a guess.In any event it is a mute point - Amelia White never bred from this black dog

Ameila White acquired the bitch Apis Of Kandahar whelped 11/12/1939 bred by Mary Elaine Smith. Apis was sired by Amelia White's Tufan of Ainsdart. We have two reports on Apis's colour, one says he was brindle, the other says he was gray-brown. Amelia White also acquired the only other hound registered for this litter Firouz of Kandahar , a cream dog. Again we are slightly puzzled as to why Ameila White would buy in a coloured dog (Apis) that she hitherto probably would have avoided because of colour . We assume something in the bloodlines attracted her. Firouz (the cream dog she also acquired, a littermate from the same Apis litter) sired two litters, one of which were all registered under the Kandahar kennel name. Here's the twist, those two Kandahar litters were not bred by Amelia White, the first Firouz litter was bred by Catherine Rayne, the second Firouz litter doesn't carry a kennel name and was bred by John R & Doris E Riede out of a Kandahar bitch. We only have partial litters registration details to hand - all creams, one gold. Neither of these Firouz bloodlines were continued beyond these two breedings by other breeders..

The 1941/13/2 litter (Tufan Of Ainsdart x Princess Afridi Off Cyann) bred by Amelia White produced 4 fawns, 1 cream, Benghazi/Eritrea/Helen/Omar/Tabriz of Kandahar). Tabriz sired a litter for Mildred L Lyndley (El Kusrani) in 1942. The line was further continued by Mr & Mrs H A Amman (No Kennel Name) though to the end of the 1940's, no recorded breeding after that.

The 6/16/1945 litter (Firous Of Kandahar x Hilda Of Ruidoso) was bred by Amelia White. The dam (Hilda Of Ruidoso) was owned by Mrs R W Johnson who bred her from an unusually close breeding of Yuhnan Of Kandahar x Elanah of Kandahar which involved a half-brother/sister mating, the common parent being Tufan Of Ainsdart. There was also close breeding in the next generation of the pedigree back to Amunullah Of Kandahar. It would appear that Amelia White leased Hilda Of Ruidoso, and mated her with her own Firous Of Kandahar, presumably because Hilda carried such strong/inbred lines going back to Amelia Whites Tufan Of Ainsdart and Amunullah Of Kandahar.

The 1948/11/4 litter (Firous Of Kandahar x Hilda Of Ruidoso) was a repeat mating, this time bred by Mrs A Robinson Wheelwright and produced 3 creams, 3 fawns, all registered under the Kandahar kennel name.

How confusing is that for us poor researchers? A repeat mating, both registering offspring under the Kandahar kennel name, but only the first litter actually bred by Amelia White of Kandahar.

A small sidebar on registrations - Back in the day it was quite usual, and permissable under AKC rules for the non-breeder to be registered as the breeder. Typically an owner of a stud dog would charge a fee, or take a puppy in lieu of a fee, AND require the actual breeder to register the offspring under their kennel name. Sunny Shay of Grandeur did this frequently. So we have to be dilligent in checking out a kennel name and identify the facts before we credit the kennel name holder with the breeding. In the case of Kandahar, towards the end of Amelia Whites breeding program, two other ladies - Mrs A Robinson Wheelwright and Catherine Rayne were breeding Afghan Hounds and registering them under the Kandahar affix.

In addition to the list of litters bred by Amelia White for her own Kandahar kennel. Below is a list of litters produced from her two dominant stud dogs, Tufan Of Ainsdart and Amanullah of Kandahar

  • 1936/01/06 (Tufan Of Ainsdart x Fatima) 1 blue,1 black, several fawn Breeder Mrs Caroline Hall Richmond ("Fatima")
  • 1937/08/01 (Tufan Of Ainsdart x Shabra) 1 white, 2 cream, 2 fawn. Breeder Mrs Margaret L Nison
  • 1938/11/01 (Tufan Of Ainsdart x Zahera Of Prides Hill) 5 cream, 2 gold Breeder Mrs Margaret L Nison for "Arthea"
  • 1939/07/31 (Tufan Of Ainsdart x Shabra) 4 fawn, Breeder Mrs Margaret L Nison
  • 1937/12/15 (Amanullah Of Kandahar x Kali Of Prides Hill) 7 fawn, 2 red Breeder Mr & Mrs Rickel "Cyann"
  • 1940/08/17 (Amanullah Of Kandahar x Kali Of Prides Hill) 5 fawn, Breeder Mr & Mrs Rickel "Cyann"
  • 1943/09/15 (Yuhnan Of Kandahar x Elanah of Kandahar) 5 fawns 4 creams

Amelia White owned Yuhnan Of Kandahar. Mrs R W Johnson owned Elanah Of Kandahar. A breeding of these two hounds produced Hilda Of Ruidoso owned by Helen H Frazier and littermate Aisha Of Kandahar, owned by Amelia White. The breeder of this two pup litter was Mrs R W Johnson, one carrying the Ruidoso affix, the other carrying the Kandahar affix.

Aisha Of Kandahar was later sold to Catherine Rayne and Aisha was bred to Firouz Of Kandahar, (owned by Amelia White) which produced a 3 pup litter on 1947/04/19, all pups registered under the kennel name of Kandahar.

Cintra Of Kandahar from the 1946/01/25 litter (Tufan Of Kandahar x Aisha Of Kandahar) became the property of Mr & Mrs Ragle of "Lakoya" Afghan Hounds for whom she produced a litter in 1948/02/28, a cream, 2 black and tans and a red were registered. Cintra produced another litter in 1949/01/02, mated this time to Rupee El Myia, who was owned by Lakoya kennels. The breeding produced mainly cream offspring. The breeder of this 1949 litter was Mr & Mrs J W Beidler A cream dog from this litter Zal (no kennel name attached) perpetuated this Cintra Of Kandahar line right up through the late 1960s via the breedings of the Quintara kennels.

I will undertake further research on this remarkable kennel which will include mentions of Westmill Natanz who's grandsire was Tufan Of Ainsdart (Natanz exported to USA Oakvardon) and tie in with other kennel breedings such as the Fatima Kennels of Caroline Richmond Hall, the breedings arising from Morgiana of Kandahar, Oakvardon Charon, Flo Flo Of Ghazni, Yusseff etc and also the connections with Margaret L Nilson

Steve Tillotson January 2012,
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