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(By Steve Tillotson October 2013) Photo Article Zardin meets Queen Of England

At least four of the breed books recite a story that Zardin was such an excitement that he was taken to Buckingham Palace to be shown to Queen Alexandra. Until now we had not seen any reports/evidence to confirm this story.

See above image. We have found a newspaper report published in the Gloucester Citizen (An English west country newspaper) in 1907 that this visit actually took place

It was facilitated by a Mr Sewell, who was the Queen's vet. Queen Alexandra was very big into Deerhounds and her dogs were shown regularly in England at the time. Her Deerhounds were also shown at Westminster and advertised for sale for thousands of dollars (A huge price back in the day)

Anyway, its good to have confirmation that Zardin did in fact go to Buckingham Palace Photo Article Afghans hounds gifted by King of Afghanistan to King and Queen of England

We also have a report that the King Of Afghanistan visited England in 1928 and presented King George with two Afghan Hounds. With great thanks to Patricia Egan, (see image above) we also have confirmation that this gift did occur. I believe at the time of the announcement that the Afghan hounds were in France, whether they were ever actually delivered to England is not known, however the gift would appear to be a fact

So we have now established two English Royal connections to our Afghan hounds

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